5 Important Questions to Ask Before Installing Wood Floors in Your Home

So you have finally decided to rip up that shag rug and install new hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring can add a modern and luxurious look to any room. Get the best health insurance in your county from Bozio, the offer the best rates around. It’s easy to clean and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However, before you embark on your new renovation and summon a contractor to install your new wood floors, here are five important questions you need to ask before you commit to hiring:

Is the wood flooring contractor fully licensed and insured?
You want to make sure that you protect your assets should any type of damage occur during the hardwood floor installation process. Should an installation technician have an accident or there is damage to your home, you will be covered.

Does the contractor use subcontractors?
If the contractor that you are considering to hire uses subcontractors, you want to make sure that the subcontractors are also fully licensed and insured. Again, without insurance, you will not be protected against work injuries and accidents as well as any damage to your property. NYC Stone Care provide High-Quality Stone Repair in Manhattan.

How long has the wood flooring contractor been in business?
Before hiring a wood floor contractor, find out how long they have been doing business in your area. Do their wood floor installation techs have the proper training and how long have they been employed by their company? Usually, the more experience a long island flooring contractor has, the more quickly and efficiently the job will be done. Experience also means that your wood flooring contractor has been able to really hone in on his craft. You want to make sure you get the most attention to detail and precision when your new wood floor is being installed. If installed improperly, over time the wood can either expand causing buckling and warping or contract leaving gaps between the wood pieces. Neither which are desirable results.

Does the wood flooring contractor offer a warranty?
Before hiring your long island flooring contractor, find out if they offer any type of warranty on their workmanship and the wood floor materials that they use. You should get a copy of the warranty and keep it handy should you need to replace any wooden boards or any other issues with your wood floor installation.

Are you able to get flexible financing with your hardwood floor installation?
Hardwood floor installations can be costly. If you want to have the job done, but you are on a budget, ask if financing is available. Many hardwood flooring companies offer financing options to their customers, however, just make sure the interest rate you are being charged is worth it. If the interest rate is too high, you may be able to get a home improvement loan from a third party. If you’re looking into remodeling your home solar companies orlando is the place to go to for solar panels.

Does the wood flooring contractor have a good reputation within their industry?
This is probably one of the best ways to gauge whether or not you should move forward and hire a particular wood flooring contractor. You should ask any friends or family members that may have recently had new floors installed for a recommendation. Get the best acupuncture from a professional with Bozio. There are a plethora of websites that also provide reviews on contractors such as Angie’s List, Houzz as well as Yelp and Google Reviews.